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A Bill Could Let Seniors Fish and Hunt Fee-Free in Illinois

Illinois House Bill 4329 may lead to waived senior hunting and fishing licenses in the state.

The bill would eliminate license fees for those over 75. Folks over 65 already pay half of the regular resident costs: $15 for fishing and $12.50 for hunting.

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State Rep. Jack Franks, D-Marengo, introduced the bill to help folks who want to get outdoors. “(A constituent) explained that being on a fixed income — with the cost of groceries and medical care and everything else going up year after year — even a relatively small expenditure like a fishing permit can be prohibitive,” Franks said to

A spokesperson for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources mentioned that such a bill would cut costs for the Fish and Wildlife Fund enough to require cutbacks.

The proposal passed through the House Agriculture and Conservation Committee, and now faces the full House.

Do you think allowing seniors to fish and hunt for free would help or hurt outdoor sports in Illinois?

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A Bill Could Let Seniors Fish and Hunt Fee-Free in Illinois