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Bill Dance’s Biggest Bass Ever Will Get You Pumped for Bass Fishing

YouTube/Mystik Lubricants

If you’re looking forward to bass fishing this year and think that you can beat a legend, then you’ve got some work to do.

Bass fishing addicts and Saturday morning outdoor tv watchers can’t forget watching the iconic image of Bill Dance sporting a University of Tennessee hat and pulling in massive large mouth bass cast after cast. For an angler whose caught a countless number of bass in his career, his biggest one is pretty easy to remember.

Queue up the inspirational music.

Now that really is the definition of a lunker!

With spring bass fishing just around the corner, it’s a good idea to gear up early before the madness hits the fishing stores. If you plan on reeling in a bass that’s going to heavily tip the scales this season, then you should plan on rigging up your bass rods with braided line.

bass fishing, powerpro, braided fishing line

For what started out as a popular item amongst saltwater anglers, more and more freshwater bass anglers are spooling up their setups with braided line too. Though braid gives you the ability to carry more line on your spool, the real advantage is its overall strength.

The diameter of PowerPro’s 20-pound braid is comparable to a 6-pound mono, which should completely eliminate your worry about breaking another line and losing another monster bass this year.

Good luck out there and tight lines!


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Bill Dance’s Biggest Bass Ever Will Get You Pumped for Bass Fishing