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Bill Dance Schools Us on Porcupine Fish Attractors [VIDEO]

Porcupine Fish Attractors are an easy, and simple way to help you catch fish.

Porcupine Fish Attractors are great cover for fish. They are simple to assemble, easy to place, and are very effective.

The sphere in the middle holds all your pieces of PVC pipe in place using PVC cement. The most appealing feature of the Porcupine Fish Attractor is that it is constructed completely of PVC. This means that the fish attractor will last as long as you do and not rot.

Next is their ability to be sunk easily. As Bill Dance shows us, all it takes is a few bricks and some wire.

Usually it takes about two weeks for algae to form and bait to start holding. When the bait is there the fish will be there.

Fishing these attractors is also easy. Especially if you have children or inexperienced fisherman with you.

It is very tough to get your hook stuck on PVC and the fish can’t tangle you up or break you off.

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Bill Dance Schools Us on Porcupine Fish Attractors [VIDEO]