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Bill Dance Bloopers That Will Make Your Day [VIDEO]

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Bill Dance is a fishing legend. His blooper reels are also second to none.

Bill Dance seems to attract every kind of mishap out on the water that any fisherman could run into, and luckily for us, he has a camera crew along to document everything.

This blooper reel from billdancefishing goes through a few classic Dance blunders, most notably knocking a cameraman into the water and getting all sorts of tangled up in his fly line.

A few other funny fishing videos

Dance is a very good fisherman, and if you watch any of his videos you'll see that come through. While his specialty is baitcasting for warm water fish as opposed to fly fishing for trout, it's still just as entertaining to watch.

If only we had cameras along to document all of our fishing blunders!

Do you have any hilarious fishing blunder stories? Know any friends who'd get a kick out of these antics? Share the post and comment below! 

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Bill Dance Bloopers That Will Make Your Day [VIDEO]