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Bighead Carp Captured Furthest Upstream Yet on St. Croix River

The Minnesota DNR is looking into the latest catch of five bighead carp, farther than ever, up the St. Croix River.

In late May, five bighead carp were pulled out of the St. Croix River in Minnesota. It marked the first time they have been caught that far upstream. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is investigating the details and following up to determine if there are more invasive carp in the area.

There are currently four species of invasive carp threatening the native ecosystems. The Minnesota DNR’s concern lies in the plankton found in the waters and relied on by native fish. The carp can make a devastating dent in the plankton population and grow up to sixty pounds in the process.

The protection of the St Croix River takes a multi-pronged approach and was recently revised as the Minnesota Invasive Carp Action Plan:

  • Track invasive carp by using targeted surveying and contracted commercial fishing.
  • Working with federal agencies and many Universities researching ways to manage the populations of invasive carp.
  • Actively partnering with the Upper Mississippi River workgroup and implementing actions to combat invasive carp.

As a reminder, anyone who catches a bighead, silver, black, or grass carp should immediately contact the Department of Natural Resources at 888-646-6367 or [email protected]. Take a photo, store the fish, and do not release the fish. Deliver the fish to the Department of Natural Resources.

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Bighead Carp Captured Furthest Upstream Yet on St. Croix River