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Biggest Hunting Dinosaur Was An Aquatic One

Via wikicommons

Think about the size of a shark, then realize that this dinosaur ate them for breakfast.

Spinosaurus, the largest predatory dinosaur currently known, was apparently a water hunter, according to NewScientist.

Experts originally thought that it was similar to a bird, specifically a heron, but it turns out that it was more like a giant crocodile.

Nizar Ibrahim, a paleontologist with the University of Chicago, along with others were the ones that discovered the fossils of this rare dinosaur in Morocco. Based on what they have found so far, they could determine that it was much more like a predatory reptile, and that it spent a lot of its time in the water.

Its nostrils were set back and could close completely when submerged. It had short legs that were dense to weigh it down. This is similar to other creatures of the sea.

The realization is quite a discovery as this dinosaur has been known to scientists for over a century, but it is only now that they are able to fill in the gaps that were missing.

According to Ibrahim, this is one of the few dinosaurs that had features for a semi-aquatic lifestyle.


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Biggest Hunting Dinosaur Was An Aquatic One