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Bigfoot Now on Tour, But Is It Real? [PICS]

That's the million dollar question, isn't it?

Well folks it's that time again. Time for Rick Dyer to jump back into the public eye with his insatiable quest for Bigfoot. This time he claims to have killed one (whom he calls Hank), had it examined in a lab, and is now taking it on tour throughout the South as a side-show, parking lot spectacle. How much will a viewing of this mythical beast cost ya? $20 bucks a pop, and no - kids ain't free!

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You may remember our previous story about Rick Dyer when he was claiming to have killed Bigfoot near San Antonio.

He took the media opportunity to announce his plans for the tour, claiming at the time he was waiting for the right moment to unleash 'Hank' onto the world.

Whether or not all of the commotion he's making is worth your time is up to you, but here at Wide Open Spaces we remain unconvinced.

See, I grew up in Houston, and if you're looking to see a scientifically proven piece of evidence, it's not at Trader's Village. Now that's not to say you won't find some really amazing things there, but I just can't imagine the man who "finally found Bigfoot" as one of them. Viewers who shelled out the cash to see Dyer's exhibit were equally doubtful.

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"I'm not convinced," said Mario Lopez, after taking a look with his wife Julia and their three children. "I believe the Roger Patterson footage is authentic because you can see the muscles and everything on there, but this one was kind of different. But he did mention that after the autopsy the body kind of changes."

It should probably be noted that the Roger Patterson footage has been largely disputed, so it's hard to hold that as a control against other so-called Bigfoot information (though it is still widely considered legitimate by many people).

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Although the skeptics were there that didn't keep the true believers from coming out to get a look. One such Bigfoot enthusiast, Wendy Hernandez, was so convinced she even bought a t-shirt and had Dyer sign it.

"It's amazing when you go inside, you feel different," she said. "I had never seen anything like this before, only on the Discovery Channel."

Discovery Channel or no, Dyer's exhibit is raking in the big bucks. In one day at Trader's Village they had over 800 people in to see 'Hank.' At $20 per person, that's $16,000.

1622x350Image via: Kolten Parker/San Antonio Express-News

They were scheduled to stop today to host a show at Mason Park Alamo Drafthouse, as well as Tuesday at the Vintage Park, but if you were thinking about attending you're out of luck - both were sold out. He plans to make his way to Louisiana, Georgia and Florida after finishing up his tour of Texas.

What do you think? Did this guy kill Bigfoot? Would you pay to see it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Bigfoot Now on Tour, But Is It Real? [PICS]