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Bigfoot? Nope, Just a Bipedal Bear in New Jersey [VIDEO]

A New Jersey bear effortlessly takes a walk through a suburb and it’s a bit unnerving. 

Is that Bigfoot or a person in a bear suit? Nope, that’s a real bipedal bear that is a local legend in Oak Ridge, New Jersey.

The bear is missing a paw and the other one is injured; it now resorts to walking like a human and does a pretty good job at it.

Check out this bizarre footage of the smooth-walking bipedal bear.

Looking at the video, you may guess someone is trying out their Halloween costume early, but New Jersey Fish and Wildlife officials have been monitoring the bear’s movement and condition since last year. They assure the public that the best course of action is to allow the bear to remain in the wild.

Locals were actually a little surprised that the bear was able to make it through the winter with injured paws. Some urge officials to tranquilize the bear and relocate it, but tranquilizing carries the risk of non-recovery and relocating it could disorient it and potentially make it more difficult to find food.

Let’s hope this walking bear has a speedy recovery.

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Bigfoot? Nope, Just a Bipedal Bear in New Jersey [VIDEO]