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Big Tarpon Nearly Spools Florida Angler’s Reel [VIDEO]


A strong, beach-hooked tarpon makes a mighty run to nearly spool one angler's reel.

Tarpon are well-known for their epic runs and mighty leaps out of the water. That is one of the reasons they are such a popular species to fish for among anglers. Hooking, fighting, and landing a big tarpon is an experience no angler would ever forget. It also leads to a lifelong obsession for some people.

That might be the case for the angler in this video from BlacktipH Fishing TV. He has a nice tarpon on the line while standing on a Florida beach. The tarpon makes an epic run and nearly spools the angler's entire reel. The drag on the reel was set low to avoid having the tarpon spit the hook. That led to almost 400 yards of line being stripped from the reel.

That screaming spool made the fight between man and fish even more epic.

Bonus points go out to the angler's buddy who entered the surf and successfully grabbed the nice sized fish. It is always a little nerve wracking for the landing of your fish being left to someone else.

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Big Tarpon Nearly Spools Florida Angler’s Reel [VIDEO]