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Big Show: The Heart Attack Buck [VIDEO]

big show

With a name like Big Show, you expect the best from a buck.

And this deer does not disappoint. In fact, Big Show's profile is more reminiscent of an Irish elk than a whitetail deer.

Is this phenomenal animal a creature from a "Jurassic Park" type of facility, raising again the genes of an ice-age giant?

Nope. But it's the next best thing.

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As an animal raised on a captive deer farm, this buck has it made. Being part of an intense breeding program with ample and quality food clearly has its perks. Big Show is proof that with low stress, optimized nutrition and the right genetics, a deer can grow an amazing set of antlers. For any healthy and mature deer to have a 372-inch rack is astounding. But for a 3-year-old deer to have a rack that big is bordering unbelievable.

Deer antlers are known to be one of the fastest-growing tissues among mammals in the world. When they are in velvet (living tissue), they can grow one inch a day, or up to six inches a day in the case of the farm where Big Show was raised.

As the video states, this is a captive and controlled deer herd in which everything is optimum for growth. It's extremely unlikely you could find a wild deer even approaching this size. And if you did, you'd probably keel over from a heart attack before being able to pull off a shot anyway.

This is an experiment to document what nature can do with the right conditions.

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Big Show: The Heart Attack Buck [VIDEO]