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Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament off to Great Start


The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament, which is currently underway, started off with a great first day. A 680-pound beast landed on the Viking 62 has captain Brian Komer’s team in first place.

The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament takes place in Morehead City, North Carolina, and this year marks the 57th annual event. The tournament goes through June 13 and this year’s competition is already heating up.

Captain Alan Willis, from Morehead City, of the Shenandoah, weighed in a 503.6-pound blue marlin early on day one, while Gregg Middleton of the Callie Girl brought a 481.2-pounder to the scales, and The Carly A also brought in a 504.3-pound specimen to the weigh-in station.

But Captain Komer, of Rivera Beach Florida, brought his team’s 680-pound fish to the scales and put the rest of the field on notice.

This year’s purse is $1,632,650, but the current first place team, Viking 62, can only take home $558,375 if their fish holds up because they did not enter the Level VII prize. This prize awards $365,500 to the first boat to weigh in a marlin over 500 pounds.

The Shenandoah, which was entered in the Level VII prize, arrived first at the weigh station, but had to wait for the Callie Girl to arrive and weigh their fish first. This was because they had called in their hookup prior to the Shenandoah and they had also entered the Level VII prize. This led to some early tournament drama and a celebration aboard the Shenandoah as the Callie Girl’s catch missed the money by a touch over 18 pounds.

Overall, seven blue marlins were caught and boated Monday, and five teams held first place; at least temporarily. This was the biggest catch on day one since 2003. The tournament continued Tuesday at 9 a.m. and each boat can go out and fish four out of the six total days of the tournament.

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Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament off to Great Start