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Big Rainbow Trout on the Frying Pan River [VIDEO]

Big Frying Pan River Rainbow Trout

The Frying Pan River is known for insanely large trout. On a weekend trip to Aspen, this angler finds one of the river's famed big rainbow trout.

For trout fishermen, the Roaring Fork valley near Aspen in western Colorado is one of the great fishing destinations. In fact, both the Frying Pan and Roaring Fork are included in the 18 Best Trout Streams in the Western U.S.

This short film does not waste any time and gets right into the best parts of a quick weekend getaway to Aspen. During their stay, these anglers made the quick trip over to the Frying Pan River and found one of the big rainbow trout that draws anglers from all over the world.


If you have ever fished this area, you know the incredible numbers of large trout.

The Frying Pan River haunts me with the memory of the largest brown trout I have ever hooked (and promptly lost) as well as a rainbow trout around 25 inches that also was hooked and got away.

If you have never fished there but love trout fishing, then let this short film provide a little incentive to add it to your bucket list.


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Big Rainbow Trout on the Frying Pan River [VIDEO]