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If This is the Bait, How Big is the Muskie?! [VIDEO]

The Thames River off Lake St. Clair gives up a big muskie to a hardworking fall fisherman.

Big fish, big lures: we've heard it all before.

Here's a great example of going big for a nice muskie. With the proper bait and the proper tackle, you can take a fish like this any time of the year.

What a great catch for this fisherman! Big muskie are hard to come by, but with time and effort, we may all get to put our hands on one as nice as this.

Okay, so he was squealing like Triple H himself was in the boat giving him a severe headlock. I guess when you can haul in a big muskie and put it on YouTube, you can make any sound you want.

Maybe just a good rebel yell would've been enough, though...

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If This is the Bait, How Big is the Muskie?! [VIDEO]