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Big Muskie Caught in Minnesota Lake [VIDEO]

Ryan Stoffel of Minneapolis caught a 35- to 40-pound muskie on Lake Hiawatha on Sept. 15.

The 21-year-old called it the “fish of a lifetime,” and for good reason. He caught the fish on nine-pound test line.

Most anglers suggest using 17- to 20-pound line to catch muskie. Stoffel was just bobber fishing when the monster took his bait.

“My pole was just bent all the way down, tip just snapped, whole pole just flung up,” he said.

“The bobber landed on the dock, but it was just amazing to catch a fish that big off a line this small. It just doesn’t happen. It was crazy, a fish of a lifetime.”

Stoffel released the muskie after netting it, with help from other anglers along the shore, before getting photographs.

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Big Muskie Caught in Minnesota Lake [VIDEO]