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Big Largemouth Bass Wrangled By Hand [VIDEO]


The angler in this video didn’t even need any tackle to land a big largemouth bass from a dock.

Forget all your fancy fishing tackle and gear. Apparently all it takes to land a nice sized largemouth bass is your bare hands. The angler in this video dangles his hands into the water off a wooden dock. Several sizeable largemouth bass can be seen swimming back and forth. The fisherman does some splashing on the surface before dipping his fingers into the drink.

A largemouth bass seemed to find his fingers tantalizing enough to take a bite. That’s all it took for the fisherman to grab hold and not let go.

He pulls a bass that any bass angler would love to catch out of the water. It’s probably a safe bet to assume that the bass in this pond are used to being fed from the dock. Completely wild bass are a lot more wary than the ones shown in this video.

Despite the nice barehanded catch in the video, I think I’ll still stick to my rod and reel.

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Big Largemouth Bass Wrangled By Hand [VIDEO]