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Big Game Tags and Permits Finally Explained [VIDEO]

Learn the details about various big game tags and permits.

Planning for a big game hunt can be stressful enough, but uncertainty about the process of applying for big game tags and permits only make things more complicated.

Randy Newberg does a fine job of giving quality information regarding the intimidating and confusing big game tags and permit types.

When breaking down the process of applying for permits it begins with whether the applicant is a resident or non-resident. If the applicant is a non-resident, they are put into a lottery system. Only a certain amount of available permits go to non-residents for many states and big game tags.

For the non-resident who wants to head out West and aspires to hunt public land, there are two avenues. The first is an over-the-counter tag which is essentially just a general permit. The other option is limited entry tags. These are the highly sought-after tags that have a lottery deadline months before the season.

There are two other options for public land hunting. The first is landowner vouchers. The second is a Governors Tag; they are usually actioned off and allow for many privileges during the season, however they are typically very pricey.

If you already have your big game hunt planned and ready to go, be sure to enjoy it and savor the trip.

Happy hunting!

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Big Game Tags and Permits Finally Explained [VIDEO]