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Big Game Hunting to the Extreme!

extreme places to hunt big game

Let's take a look at some of the most extreme places to hunt big game.

There are an unlimited amount of places all over the world where you can go on exhilarating hunts for animals of all sizes. Hunting big game can take you to unusual, but incredible places. Here's a starter list for you:

Coconino National Forest - Arizona

In this national forest, no motor traffic is allowed! This means few hunters go after big game, which has lead to this forest becoming home to some of the largest bull elk in the world. No motorized vehicles makes for extreme big game hunting in it's truest definition.

places to hunt big game - arizonaImage via


Alaska is a given for most "extreme" lists and it is definitely on this one! Grizzlies in Alaska can get up to over 1000 pounds and easily qualify to be classified as extreme big game hunting.

places to hunt big game alaskaImage via Wikimedia Commons

Montana Bison

After beating possible extinction, these historical animals are once again able to be hunted in Montana. They are magnificent and enormous animals that any big game hunter would want to claim.

places to hunt big game bisonImage via Wikimedia Commons

Utah Mountain Goats

The rocky and steep terrain makes this hunt extreme and very dangerous. It is recommended that you find a guide when going mountain goat hunting for the first time. One misstep and you could find yourself tumbling down a mountain! Despite the dangers, this is a popular hunt since it is uniquely challenging for hunters. You'll find yourself surrounded by gorgeous views of mountains and wildlife.

places to hunt big game goatImage via Wikimedia Commons

Where is the most extreme place you've traveled to hunt big game? Share your experience in the comments below!

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Big Game Hunting to the Extreme!