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Big Changes Coming to Your Moultrie Products, as Trail Cams Go Mobile

big changes coming to your Moultrie products
Image via Twitter

Thanks to a few tips from the ATA show, it looks like we know what the big changes coming to your Moultrie Products could be.

In what looks like a move that many hunters have been hoping for for a long time it looks like big changes are coming to your Moultrie Products, and we think you’ll be pleased. Earlier today Moultrie Porducts released a teaser video to their Facebook page.

“Know now; wherever you are.” Those simple words by themselves are enough to get most any hunter excited at the possibilities from the major game camera manufacturer. But what makes it even better is the additional conformation we’ve received through Twitter and the Archery Trade Association (ATA) show that is currently going on in Louisville, Kentucky.

Within five minutes of each other, both of these photos were released to Twitter, both confirming what we had hoped for. Starting in June 2016, most 2015 and later model Moultrie Products Cameras will have the opportunity to have cellular capabilities thanks to their new field modem.

While we’re still not exactly sure what all that means, what kind of services they will offer, or how much it will cost, we are pumped to find out about this huge technological breakthrough and will be staying tuned to find out more soon.


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Big Changes Coming to Your Moultrie Products, as Trail Cams Go Mobile