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How Big Do Carp Get? This Big [PICS]

Photos via Asia One

So, how big do carp get? Here’s your answer. 

Carp get pretty big, but how big do carp get? Well, this carp, netted from from Qiandao Lake in China, measured out to 68.9 inches and weighed an incredible 198.4 pounds!

To put it another way, that carp is as big as a fully grown man!


As of now, this giant carp has been sent to a makeshift hatchery at the lake, but what happens there is hard to tell. Some think this fish will be turned over to a fish market for a high price, possibly sent to a museum to be put on display, or best case, it will eventually be released back into the lake.

Catching giant carp like this is pretty rare. Even though it does happen from time to time, most hookups result in broken rods or line because such a large fish drastically overmatches the casual fisherman’s equipment.

In this case, the carp was netted. Otherwise, it would probably still be swimming free.

Photos via Asia One

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How Big Do Carp Get? This Big [PICS]