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Join us in Applauding This Big Bust of Bird Poachers in Michigan

bird poachers
Argus Observer

Bird poachers are just bad for everybody. 

Poaching is pretty much the height of selfishness in the hunting world. When it comes to bird poachers, they are just a special kind of terrible. Thanks to a Halloween tip to a Michigan sheriff’s department, conservation officers were able to arrest two men who were breaking the law in a big way.

“After arriving, the officers found two men who had been waterfowl hunting near a private pond,” said District 9 Acting Lt. Dan Bigger in an interview. “The men had 13 ducks already in their possession. Two more ducks were located while walking to the area where the subjects had been hunting.”

To make matters worse, officers also found a poached sandhill crane. Piled up corn and other bait was found all around the pond as an attractant. To top it all off, even more ducks were found by other Oakland County deputies called to the scene to help.

In total, the two poachers had taken 18 ducks and one sandhill, including nine drake mallards, six hen mallards, and three wood ducks.

Luckily, these men are looking at up to 90 days in jail, a multi-year suspension of hunting privileges, and up to $9,500 in fines each.

Good work boys.


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Join us in Applauding This Big Bust of Bird Poachers in Michigan