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Big Bull Elk Shot from 1,020 Yards [VIDEO]

Watch as this hunter takes down a big bull elk from 1,020 yards.

A combination of shooting skill, technology, and good old-fashioned hunter's luck allows this hunter to walk away with a big bull elk.

Watch the video to see how the action unfolds.

Wow! That certainly was a big bull elk.

The keys to this hunter's success were:

  • An accurate, flat-shooting, powerful rifle chambered in .300 Remington Ultra Mag. With this rifle the hunter's bullet still packed plenty of punch at 1,020 yards and put the bull down on the spot.
  • A lot of time behind his weapon. Long-range shooting is an exact science and the slightest shooter error can place the bullet way off target.
  • Modern technology. Before making the shot, this hunter used a wind indicator, range finder, ballistics calculator, and a quality spotting scope. Knowing the conditions at the gun, target, and in between is critical when shooting long distance.

Shots like this should not be taken unless the conditions are right and you are experienced and skilled enough to make the shot. However, if you've put in the time to learn your weapon and its capabilities, a long-range shot could be the best way to harvest a big bull elk, just as this hunter did.

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Big Bull Elk Shot from 1,020 Yards [VIDEO]