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Big Bull Elk Down? Here’s What Comes Next [VIDEO]

Dreaming of going on a bull elk hunt? Check out this video to get a small taste of the work involved once you have filled your tag.

If you turn on your TV today, there is no shortage of hunting and outdoor programming to choose from. You really can’t go wrong with choosing to watch any of them, but there is one problem: most of the shows end right after the animal being pursued has been harvested. However, the hunt doesn’t end once a tag has been filled.

Even if a particular hunt took hours or days to be successful, there is a lot more work after that, especially for game that is taken far away from any roads or somewhere vehicles cannot access. Packing out meat, like from this bull elk, is hard work, and this video from Hushin With LaVere proves it.

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The hunters in this video take a nice bull elk, but they don’t stop filming with the trophy shot. Instead, they show the work involved with packing the animal out of the woods. It is definitely an interesting look at an aspect of hunting that is missed by anyone who has never done it.

What are some other aspects of hunting that are misunderstood? Sound off in the comments section below.

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Big Bull Elk Down? Here’s What Comes Next [VIDEO]