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Big Buck Taken in Alabama

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Huge whitetail buck taken in Birmingham, Ala.

Little man Chase regrets sleeping in the day his dad went hunting. That same day his dad, Mike Jones, scored a 188 3/8 whitetail buck taken in Birmingham, Ala. The buck was scored using the Boone & Crockett scoring system which can deduct for irregular points in the rack but this thing was still huge.

Mike warned Chase that morning that if he didn’t get up, he’d never get lucky. Seems like Mike had the perfect “I told you so…” moment and Chase had a hard lesson to learn.

Mike’s family has been keeping an eye on this buck for a year. They knew he was in the area, because they found a shed antler from last year. This year the weather and habitat have provided the perfect environment for hunters.

So when Mike came home with this giant buck, Chase vowed he would never sleep in again. He’s been out with his dad in the treestand every morning since hoping for his own huge whitetail.

Alabama officials are encouraging hunters to participate and contribute to the Game Check program available on Smartphones or online here.

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Big Buck Taken in Alabama