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Big Buck Goes Down with the Aid of a Bow and Decoy [VIDEO]

big buck

Deer hunting with decoys is great, especially if you’re after a big buck.

This bow hunter lures in a big buck with a decoy and nails it with an accurate shot from his bow.

Check out this awesome clip of a big buck as it gets a little too comfortable with a decoy and pays the price.

That hunter must have been proud of his accurate bow shot on that big buck. Did you see how much it was bleeding once it took off?

Thanks to the decoy and a well-placed bow shot, this hunting excursion was an undeniable success. You have to admire the hunter’s patience as the big buck walked up to the decoy before it was shot.

Next time you’re in the stand or in the field, remember what you saw in this video and you just might harvest a big buck of your own this season.

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Big Buck Goes Down with the Aid of a Bow and Decoy [VIDEO]