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Big Buck Appears at High School Football Game [VIDEO]

A high school football game recently had a different kind of timeout when a big buck made his way onto the field.

It always seems that big bucks disappear as soon as hunting season starts up.

Well, we know at least one is a fan of high school football.

Even with the stands full and the lights on, the big buck in the video below found his way onto the field. The buck strolls around for a few seconds before someone heads onto the field to try and scare the deer off.

This particular deer must have really wanted to watch the game action unfold because it doesn’t seem like he wants to leave. The big buck finally disappears from sight as the video ends.

If there were any hunters in the stands for that game, you can bet that they were scouting any huntable land near that football stadium the next day and trying to get permission to hunt it.

Locating a big buck during hunting season isn’t always easy. However, it probably won’t help much even if you add football fields to your scouting efforts.

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Big Buck Appears at High School Football Game [VIDEO]