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Beautiful Fight: Big Brown Trout on a Mayfly [VIDEO]

Big brown trout on a mayfly

Fly fishing for large wild brown trout is a challenge. Getting one to rise to a dry fly is even tougher.

Stalking large brown trout can take on a life of its own. Once a nice fish is located, a fisherman may go back again and again until the fish is found to be out feeding.

Catching one feasting on a hatch is the goal here. This fisherman heads into the wilds to a remote brown trout stream and happens to find a nice fish willing to rise to a pale morning dun dry fly.

The fight is pretty epic.


I love that moment when the fish comes up and smacks the angler’s fly. These are the moments we live for as fly fishermen, and anglers of all stripes can appreciate the visual element of a trout’s take of the fly. Now I just need to figure out where this was filmed at so I can go enjoy this beautiful stream.

The fish is incredibly strong. I honestly cannot remember the last time that I saw my line slicing through the water as fast as in this video. That is one mad brown trout!

On a side note, this may be one of the best fishing dogs I’ve seen. Notice how quietly the dog sits while the angler gets into position, makes the cast, and lands a quality brown trout.

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Beautiful Fight: Big Brown Trout on a Mayfly [VIDEO]