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Big Bass? Great. Bonus Tiger Muskie: Even Better! [VIDEO]

When you want to catch a tiger muskie, sometimes the best method is not to try.

There’s no doubt about it, incidental catches are one of the best things that can happen while you’re fishing. Here’s a good bass fisherman that just caught and released a beautiful largemouth. Now he’ll probably catch another one, right?

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This is a great example of why you should always check your knot strength and run the line through your fingers to feel for nicks.


According to the YouTube user, this footage was taken on Little Seneca Lake in Maryland.

Tiger muskies are a hybrid fish: a cross between pure strain muskellunge and northern pike. Known as “norlunge,” these beautiful fish are every bit as mean and aggressive as their two cousins.

The towel must have seemed like a good idea at the time. I’ve seen a lot of folks land a big fish in worse ways. I’m sure he has a Boga Grip by now.

This a great catch and a gorgeous fish, but did I see this guy grab the lure while he was trying to land it? I hope he knows some good hook removal tactics.

Maybe we’ll put a crowdfunding link together for him and pitch in for a net.



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Big Bass? Great. Bonus Tiger Muskie: Even Better! [VIDEO]