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BIG Alaskan Bull Moose Pays Job Site a Visit [VIDEO]

Most days on the job are fairly mundane. But when a big bull moose clocks in for a shift, things can get pretty exciting!

Craig Breshears was recently at his job site when an unexpected guest showed up.

bull moose wandered into the old Atwood Mansion, in the Anchorage neighborhood of Turnagain, Alaska.

It appears the big fella was merely looking for a feed of crab apples, which were abundant on many of the trees in the spacious backyard.

Take about an exhilarating experience!

According to Breshears’ Facebook posting, his nerves were a bit on edge during the encounter: “I was a bit nervous shooting the video. I knew that moose could rip the fence apart without even thinking about it. Or at any time he could have just jumped right over it. The way he walked towards me was exhilarating even though I knew that he wasn’t actually posturing. He was just coming to get more crab apples.”

If only our days at work could be so thrilling!

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BIG Alaskan Bull Moose Pays Job Site a Visit [VIDEO]