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Big 14-Point Buck Poached in DC, Man Charged

14-point buck

A West Virginia man is facing multiple charges for shooting a 14-point buck in Washington, DC.

Vernon Goyne put on his camouflage, grabbed a handgun, and shot an awesome 14-point buck estimated to weigh around 250 pounds. The only problem is that it was near a residential area inside of Washington, D.C.!

Since deer hunting is obviously illegal inside the city limits, the Berkeley Springs, WV, man got an up-close interview with area law enforcement. When they arrived, they found the man in full camo and hovering over the badly wounded buck, prepared to hit it with a large stick.

Police may not have known about the incident had Goyne not discharged his weapon so close to the Palisades neighborhood in the northwest part of D.C.

Goyne now faces multiple charges, including possession of unregistered ammunition, discharging a firearm, and possession of an unregistered firearm. Also included is an animal cruelty charge.

Scott Giacoppo, chief community animal welfare officer said,

“Everyone should know that there is no hunting season in D.C. and I think that places the animals at an even more unfair advantage than they normally would be in an area where hunting is allowed. These animals are more accustomed to human beings being around without a threat, so they are more apt to come within a closer proximity.”

A buck that size with a rack like that would have been a beautiful trophy for a legal hunter in any state, but responsible deer hunters everywhere are well aware that they cannot hunt every whitetail out there and accept that.

It’s bad enough that the hunting community has to endure backlash from such an unethical ‘hunt’, but the gun safety issues are just as plain. It all goes back to that old saying: if you see something, say something.

Thankfully, this person has been charged and will likely be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


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Big 14-Point Buck Poached in DC, Man Charged