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Big 13-Foot Alligator Taken at Florida Farm


Big gator is just the latest to make headlines in Florida. 

A Florida farm that’s gone viral for big alligators before has produced another monster. Hunters harvested a 13-footer last Saturday.

This latest monster gator was taken by Cliff Lightsey near Pembroke Park and comes some three months after the farm produced a 15-footer. Lightsey was guiding a group of hunters at nearby Venus farm when they came across the massive gator.


A photo of the alligator with Lightsey’s 5-year-old son was posted on Outwest Farm’s Facebook page and quickly began garnering some attention. Lightsey told Local 10 News he was thankful they got the gator when they did. There were concerns it might go after Lightsey’s cattle soon.

The big catch is just the latest in a massive amount of alligator news to come out of Florida recently. The big reptiles have made headlines recently when a massive dead one was pulled out a storm drain. In stranger news, at least two gators were found chowing down on a dead body in the Everglades earlier this month.

Most notable of course was the story of a gator killing a two-year old at a Disney resort. It was an incident that made world-wide headlines and prompted Disney officials to quickly put up barricades and warning signs to prevent further human/gator incidents.



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Big 13-Foot Alligator Taken at Florida Farm