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This Biblical Size Bait Ball Catch is Actually Unbelievable

This bait ball size is so big it’s almost biblical!

Fisherman live and breath every aspect of what it takes to catch a great fish. One of those aspects is starting the morning out by catching bait and perhaps a few other surprises that get caught in the cast net. This biblical size bait ball is astounding. I’m sure the anglers were glad the boat didn’t tip over or the caster himself didn’t get pulled in.

Cast netting in and of itself is an art and when you pull up a bait ball such as this, it’s an added bonus.

According to the footage, the fishermen had to release approximately 75 percent of the biblical bait ball just to pull the net on the boat. It didn’t matter though because they practically had all the bait they needed for a comfortable day.

Every angler dreams of days like these now the only question that remains is “will the bait catch fish?”

One can only imagine that it most likely will.

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This Biblical Size Bait Ball Catch is Actually Unbelievable