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Beware: This POV 1911 Video Will Cause Range Envy [VIDEO]

The best view to have? The range spread out in front of you. The second best view? This awesome POV 1911 video!

We all wish we could spend more time at the range, but sometimes it’s just not feasible to work into our busy schedules.

Videos like these are the cure for that feeling. Shot in first-person, you feel like you’re right there at the range, dropping those steel targets yourself.

YouTuber user GUN-TIME With Brandon gladly shows us what his Kimber Team-Match II can do to this course of steel targets, and it is fun. I love POV 1911 videos because it’s such a great gun to shoot all- around.

If you’re looking to engage a new shooter in range time, consider this user’s course. Steel targets are a great way to increase the excitement of shooting at the same thing over and over again because they are responsive. No paper flying, here.

Also, there’s something so satisfying about the ‘ding’ sound that comes from slappin’ steel. They can be set up easily, and though some ranges don’t allow you to bring your own steel targets, some do. I can remember the first time I felt engaged as a shooter was with a .22 rifle, nailing three tiny squirrel-shaped steel targets on my friend’s ranch.

Remember, too, that the best way to practice shooting is dry fire practice. Just because you can’t make it to your favorite place in the world doesn’t mean your skill should suffer because of it.

So what’re you waiting for? Get out there and drop some steel this weekend!

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Beware: This POV 1911 Video Will Cause Range Envy [VIDEO]