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Who Knew? Beheaded Copperheads Can Still Bite

Beheaded Copperhead bites itself

Just when this man thinks that he has killed a snake, and it no longer poses a threat, the beheaded copperhead latches on to its own tail. 

When does a snake stop being a threat? When you chop its head off right?

Apparently not! Just like a snake's body keeps wriggling around after it is killed, the snakes head also retains its ability to bite. We have a great example here with a video showing how a beheaded copperhead still slithers and its detached head bites its own tail.

Those are some deadly reflexes!

This is something all of us who spend time outdoors need to remember and share with young outdoorsmen. Playing with snakes and messing with its head after chopping it off is something a lot of kids probably do. All the while having no idea it could still bite.

Whether you enjoyed this video as informational or for entertainment purposes, it is really a neat phenomenon. If I find a copperhead near my turkey blind I am definitely going to make sure it is more dead than I think.

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Who Knew? Beheaded Copperheads Can Still Bite