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Better Than Shark Week: Mako Shark Jumps and Breaks Line [VIDEO]

Watch this giant mako shark jump and break the line in impressive fashion.

Capt. Elliot Taylor of Palmetto, Florida and his clients got an interesting treat a few days ago. There isn’t much volume to the video, but there is plenty to see.

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While cruising around an area 40 feet deep looking for cobia, they spotted something a little out of the ordinary. At first they thought it was a white shark, because the fin was sticking out of the water and was cruising along, but it was a large mako.

Watch the mako shark put on a show.


Since the mako is rarely in the Gulf of Mexico, they hooked up a minnow and casted for the lively shark. After a few unsuccessful casts, he told his client to reel in fast and it did the trick.

Without being set up for catching sharks, the fisherman didn’t have steel or wire leaders. After fighting the mako, it made a run and leaped eight feet into the air and caused the fluorocarbon leader to break.

I’d have to give the shark 10/10 in the backflip. Who’s ready for shark week?

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Better Than Shark Week: Mako Shark Jumps and Breaks Line [VIDEO]