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Better Than Rocky and Bullwinkle: A Moose and His Girl [VIDEO]

You’ve heard of moose and squirrel; here’s moose and girl

Move over Rocky, Bullwinkle has a new best friend. The woman in this video clearly has a less-than-traditional relationship with this moose.

I think we all know that I’m definitely going to need a warning before this video.



The woman in the video has been working with the moose since he was just a calf, in the secure setting of a wildlife park in Alaska. That being said, it is still a wild animal and this friendship could end very badly.

This moose still has a lot of growing to do and playing with him will become more dangerous as time goes by.

Even knowing the danger, there is still a part of me that can’t help but think how cool it would be to play with such a majestic creature.

Please remember, that you should never play with wild animals. not only could it be disastrous for you, but removing the fear of humanity from a wild animal could lead it to its untimely death.

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Better Than Rocky and Bullwinkle: A Moose and His Girl [VIDEO]