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The Better McNugget: Sandhill Crane Nuggets


Chicken McNuggets were always my favorite. Until I found out what McDonald’s makes them out of. Time for a healthier version: Sandhill crane nuggets!

Nuggets can be made with really any game bird but judging that a few of you have been sandhill crane hunting, this recipe calls for crane. Sandhill crane is actually very beef-like; its nickname is “ribeye in the sky.”

These are definitely the better McNugget.


2 crane breasts

Package of bacon

seasonings (salt, pepper, cayenne) just a sprinkling of each.

Clean and de-feather the crane breasts and cut into nuggets. Roll in the seasoning and wrap a piece of bacon around the nugget. Secure with a toothpick and grill or sear until the bacon is crispy. This usually means the meat is done. Remember, these will be like tiny steaks so cook them however you like your meat (medium rare, done etc.)

Enjoy your healthier and tastier nuggets!

Recipe adapted from Best Yummy Recipes

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The Better McNugget: Sandhill Crane Nuggets