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Bet You’ve Never Heard of the Harmonica Rifle [VIDEO]

Ever see a handmade harmonica rifle made by Browning?

This interesting rifle was manufactured way back in 1853 by Jonathan Browning.

Watch as this handmade Jonathan Browning-designed harmonica rifle is examined in great detail.

John Moses Browning, who is famous for many guns, came from a gunsmithing heritage. His father Jonathan Browning was also a gunsmith and quite the inventor. The harmonica rifle was made by Browning’s talented father.

The harmonica rifle was originally made for hunters who wanted more than one shot from ole Betsy. With a manually-indexed “magazine,” this rifle could be brought into action after the first shot quite quickly.

The “magazine” itself resembles a harmonica, giving this unique rifle its name.

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Bet You’ve Never Heard of the Harmonica Rifle [VIDEO]