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Bet You’ve Never Cooked Bacon with a Gun Before [VIDEO]


It may be the most expensive way to cook a strip of bacon, but it also might be the most satisfying.

Have you ever been in a group setting when a collective light bulb goes off? Everybody immediately has the same brilliant idea.

“We love guns and bacon. Let’s fry some BACON on our GUN muzzle!”

Oh, that hasn’t happened to you? Yeah, us neither…

But you’ve got to give these guys props for following through and making a hilarious how-to video.


Admittedly, this isn’t the cheapest way to fry two strips of bacon, given the price of ammunition these days. But if you’re going to be at the shooting range anyway, why not fry a snack while you’re at it? And what better snack is there than bacon with faint aromas of gun powder?!

The directions are fairly simple, should you decide to do this at home. Wrap a strip or two of bacon around the end of your gun muzzle. Wrap them in tinfoil to hold the bacon strips on and keep the heat in.

Proceed to empty a few clips of ammunition at the shooting range. Yahtzee! You’ve got yourself some $50 bacon that better taste ridiculously delicious. If not, hey, it was probably still fun to make.

It’s amazing how creative people can get when they’re bored and have the means, isn’t it? Welcome to the United States of Bacon.

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Bet You’ve Never Cooked Bacon with a Gun Before [VIDEO]