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Bet You Can’t Go Grouse Hunting With a Flintlock

As if grouse aren’t quick enough and flintlocks aren’t slow enough, try pairing the two for an epic feat of marksmanship. 

If you’ve never shot a flintlock let me warn you now, the trigger-to-fire time will feel sloth-like slow. This also makes them addictingly fun to shoot however, as you wait for flit to strike frizzen, which ignites a powder charge in a pan that sends a spark through the breech, igniting your charge load…you get the point.

Perhaps equally addicting and challenging is grouse hunting. This smokey grey bird usually hangs in thick, tree-choked cover and pounces with rattlesnake speed (and surprise) just before you step on them.

Pair these two serious challenges together and what do you get? Watch below to find out.

As the grouse flushes in a haze of grey the hunter keeps his focus and executes a textbook bird shot with the unorthodox flintlock. The challenge is remaining focused on the bird and following through with the shot while waiting for the ignition process to happen.

Most guys out there have a hard enough time with their semi-auto 12s.

Still though, you can’t help but wonder, “Could I do that?”


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Bet You Can’t Go Grouse Hunting With a Flintlock