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8 Best Waterproof Hunting Boots Tested and Approved [VIDEO]

Take your pick from these tested waterproof hunting boots and be confident that your feet will stay dry no matter where you go.

For those of you that own tried and true waterproof boots, you know the advantage of being confident that you will stay dry no matter how wet it gets. We’ve all experienced how miserable a hunt can become once our feet get wet. And if you don’t have a trusted pair of waterproof boots, I’m sure you’ve thought about making the investment.

Take a look at this video from GrandViewOutdoors and see for yourself.

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I realize there may be skeptics out there who think that the word “waterproof” almost seems too good to be true. Well, your answer is in this video. Mark Melotik, the managing editor of Bow Hunting World Magazine ran a test on eight pairs of boots that are commonly advertised as “waterproof.” To simulate the test, Mark wore a dry sock, put on the boot, and submerged his foot in a bucket filled with six inches of water. It was a pass/fail test, meaning, if he sock got wet at all, that boot failed the test. Mark tested the following boots:

  • Irish Setter – Rutmaster
  • Rocky Muddsox
  • Bogs Bowman
  • Danner Pronghorn GTX
  • LaCrosse 4XBurly
  • Muckboot Artic Pro
  • Under Armor H-A-W
  • Red Head RCT 9”

The results of the test . . . all eight boots passed. So, do yourself a favor and hunt down any of these waterproof boots. You’ll be glad you did the next time you have to walk through water.

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8 Best Waterproof Hunting Boots Tested and Approved [VIDEO]