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4 of the Best U.S. Winter Getaways for Warm Weather Saltwater Fishing

Cold winters inspire thoughts of finding warm weather saltwater fishing, and here’s some of the best destinations.

A little later this month, winter will officially begin in North America. It will coincide with holidays and lights, gifts and family meals, and the overall feeling of warmth and happiness that tends to grace the end of December.

It’s easy in these moments to think, “Hey, winter isn’t so bad!” But once we’re in the New Year, with three or four months of cold and snow and gloom stretching out before us, you might just reconsider that thought.

Indeed, winter can be punishing and interminable, especially if you consider yourself primarily to be an outdoor sportsman. Indeed, if fishing is your sport of choice – and if you can’t get on board with the frigid appeal of ice fishing – then it might be time to plan a fishing vacation to tide you over until the spring fishing season comes in. One option is to head to the other side of the globe and experience one of the many exotic fishing destinations that lie outside of this country.

However, if your budget isn’t quite that extravagant, there are still a number of great warm weather saltwater fishing spots in the United States that can double as great getaways during the cold winter months. Here are some of our favorites.

4. Kona, Hawaii


During peak spring and summer seasons, Kona, Hawaii is regarded as one of the best destinations on planet Earth for catchy huge blue marlin. However, even in the winter, Kona places host to gorgeous vistas, sizable fish, and temperatures that should be able to break your winter blues.

3. Biscayne Bay, Florida


From spring break vacations to retirement homes, when many people think of a warm-weather escape destination for the winter months, their minds wander immediately to Miami, Florida. Indeed, you can hardly go wrong choosing a spot to fish in Florida, whether you head to the famous Florida Keys or to this lesser-known destination. Biscayne Bay is a feast of fishing promise all year round, with plentiful populations of tarpon, sea trout, and bonefish – to name a few.

2. The Outer Banks, North Carolina


In many warm-weather areas, fishing is available during the winter months, but not at its best. That’s not the case with North Carolina’s Outer Banks, which sees its best yellowfin tuna fishing in the months of November and December. The cooling weather patterns and the active currents combine to form a perfect storm of fishing action for late-fall or early-winter anglers. The fish are hungry, too, so be ready to catch a lot of them.

1. The Gulf Coast, Texas


Texas’s Gulf Coast is the envy of all of the anglers who find themselves stranded indoors during the winter months. While the weather in Texas can get pretty chilly during the winter – especially when out on the Gulf – it’s still a worthy destination for wintertime fishermen. The name of the game is trout, and make no mistake, some of the biggest trout on record are caught during the winter on the Texas Gulf Coast. Florida and Hawaii may be warmer and more scenic, but you’ve probably got a better shot at breaking a record in Texas.


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4 of the Best U.S. Winter Getaways for Warm Weather Saltwater Fishing