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Best Trophy Pronghorn Antelope Kills [VIDEO]

Pronghorn antelope are superhero fast, with equally impressive vision. The question is always the same: How do I get close?

Mike Eastman, founder of Eastman’s Hunting Journal, repeats the question:

A lot of people look out here and see this country, and it looks flat, and don’t figure out ‘well how in the heck are you going to stalk an antelope that’s got a 20-power eye, and he sees you two miles away in this flat country’.

He answers the question with some experienced advice: Wait until the pronghorn slips over a hill or knoll, then make your sneak approach to within 300-400 yards. At that point get low and stay low. Crawl to within shooting range.

Judging from the massive headgear on the antelope in this video, there are some hunters who have mastered the technique.

There’s a bit more to it than what Eastman shared here. But that’s the gist of it.

Pronghorn are beautiful little speed demons. They also have a set of horns that are coveted for their unusual elegance and symmetry.

The horns worn by the antelope in this video are especially fine, being thicker, taller and in some cases even more unique by virtue of unusual growth characteristics.

What about the serpentine curvature on that last ‘lope’s set? Have you ever seen anything like it?

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Best Trophy Pronghorn Antelope Kills [VIDEO]