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The Best Tree for Your Food Plot [VIDEO]

the ultimate food plot tree

If you are looking for the best tree for your food plot, then check out the Dunstan chestnut.

Food plots are something that you have to think about all year long, and it's never too early for you to start planning your plot for this fall.

According the Realtree Nursery, the Dunstan chestnut is the ultimate food plot tree, and if you really want to have the ultimate food plot, you should consider adding some of these trees soon.

It is literally engrained in a deer's DNA to eat chestnuts. That is a pretty strong argument for the Dunstan chestnut to be the ultimate food plot tree. And, while it may be arguable if it is the best or not, the fact that it can help bring in deer can't be argued and that is really what matters.

You can get some one-year-old Dunstan chestnut trees for under $25 each and get started with a virtually unlimited natural food plot today. These won't be ready in time for the fall deer season but you do have the option of buying older trees which are already producing nuts that can pay off this coming season.

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The Best Tree for Your Food Plot [VIDEO]