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The Best Spots To Get Your Fall Fishing On

The autumn is upon us, and while many anglers scale back on fishing in the fall months in favor of hunting season, there is still plenty of great fishing to be done all across the country. Where you go for your fall fishing depends on a few factors, from where you live to what kind of fish you have an appetite for. Regardless of what you are looking for, though, we've put together a few options for you below. You can't go wrong with any of the spots on this list, so get to work planning your fall fishing trip!

Maryland: The Chesapeake Bay is one of the finest fishing spots in all of the United States, and fall is one of the bay's most popular seasons for fishing. Myriad striped bass head to the waters of the Chesapeake each year to spawn and feed, and plenty of them are moving around freely during this time of year. Set up camp on the shore and capture a few striped bass for feeding of your own.

California: Hold off the advance of the season a bit and head to the west coast to continue fishing like it's still summer. California offers all manner of great spots for fishing, from the ocean to streams and rivers, but some of the best fishing is provided by inland lakes. Hit up Castaic Lake just a short jog north of L.A., and enjoy the array of huge largemouth bass that are waiting for your lure.

Florida: Another area where summer feels perpetual, Florida offers as many fishing opportunities as California. One of the best is found in Boca Grande, arguably the tarpon fishing capital of the world, and year-round destination for anglers.

Colorado: The Denver area in particular is a wonderful place for an angler to spend the fall, with a range of national parks and reservoirs to choose from that offer great autumnal fishing. One of the best is the Chatfield Reservoir, where you can hook everything from bass to rainbow trout to walleye.

Montana: In 2009, Forbes called west Montana "the best trout fishing spot in North America," and with trout fishing sitting as a popular fall activity, the state had to make our list. West Yellowstone is the prime fishing destination, but most lakes in the state's western frontiers will do just fine.

Wisconsin: Direct access to Lake Michigan never hurts a state's status as one of the best fishing destinations in the country, and Wisconsin is in special top form during the fall. Chinook salmon migrate to the shoreline shallows in the fall, sending many a fisherman out to meet them.

Michigan: Speaking of Lake Michigan, the body of water's namesake is every bit as good for autumnal fishing as Wisconsin. Whether you choose to play the shoreline for fish - as Wisconsin anglers do this time of year - or head to the rivers and streams to enjoy the fall salmon run, you will almost certainly find success. With a state surrounded by water, it's impossible to pick just one spot.

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The Best Spots To Get Your Fall Fishing On