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Best Small Fishing Boats

Whether you're fishing fresh or saltwater, on a lake or on a bay, small fishing boats can provide you with greater maneuverability and access to more fishing spots.

Small fishing boats have a number of advantages compared to larger craft. With small fishing boats --  primarily kayaks, canoes, and inflatable pontoons --  anglers can access areas that are likely off-limits to larger motorboats. Also, smaller craft are usually hand propelled, which means anglers can approach fish more stealthily than with a loud motorboat. And there's something to be said for the experience of using you're own strength to paddle out on the water.

It's the dead of winter, and you've probably started to think about warmer days when you can get out on the water. Maybe the cold weather doesn't stop you from getting out to fish. Whatever conditions you like to fish in, we've picked out three of our favorite small fishing boats to consider for your angling adventures. Here's our top three.

Classic Accessories Colorado XT Pontoon Boat

69770h_metaThe Colorado XT Pontoon Boat from Classic Accessories is one of the highest rated inflatable pontoon boats on the market. It's perfect for solo fishing on lakes, especially fly fishing. The 9-foot pontoon has a 400-pound capacity and a host of cool accessories, including two detachable gear bags, 20 side pockets, and fly patches on both sides for easy access to tackle and poles. And it's got two insulated drink holders for your cold ones. When you're ready to cast, drop down the adjustable anchor system to keep the pontoon in place. When summertime rolls around, you'll want one of these, just remember to bring your PFD.

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The Colorado XT Pontoon Boat retails at $499.99.


Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12

pro-angler-12-studio-3-4-olive-shadowedThe Mirage Pro Angler is the Cadillac of small fishing boats. It has all the bells and whistles a pro angler would want from a fishing kayak. Best of all, you can operate it hands free. The foot pedal propulsion system powers two propeller blades underneath the boat. Steer left and right using auxiliary controls on the sides. The Pro Angler is a comfortable small fishing boat, which is good when you're out on the water for hours. The seat is lightweight, adjustable and has great lumbar support and is easily removable. In front of the seat is a large twist and seal hatch specially fitted for tackle boxes. And there's room for all you extra gear in the front hatch and rear twist-and-seal container. The anchor trolley system us efficient and easy to use. While it's on the more expensive side of small fishing boats, the Mirage Pro Angler is likely the only fishing kayak you'll ever need or want.

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The Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 Kayak retails at $2,899. 

Old Town Pack Angler Canoe

12a8ac1809848250c90358d2a7d173e5Searching for a lightweight kayak designed for fishing? Check out the Old Town Pack Angler, a compact canoe designed specifically for solo anglers. Weighing in at only 33 pounds, you'll have no problem transporting it on your vehicle and hauling it to and from the water by yourself. The Pack Angler is aerodynamic and maneuverable. With a double-bladed paddle, the craft can easily move in and out of tricky river banks and tight fishing spots. The boat's removable workdeck comes in handy when tying lures and managing tackle.

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The Old Town Pack Angler retails at $1,199.99.


What do you think of these selections? Let us know what your favorite small fishing boats are in the comments.


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