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The Easiest and Fastest Dove Cleaning Method Ever

dove cleaning

Learn one of the easiest and fastest dove cleaning methods there is and be ready for the grill in no time.

The video below shows a dove cleaning method that keeps both breasts together. Keeping the dove breasts together makes the meat perfect for stuffing with your favorite ingredients before grilling.

Just think of all the delicious possibilities you’ll have once the hunt is over and you’re getting ready to chow down.

This dove cleaning method couldn’t get much easier. It will only take one or two doves to practice with before you are flying through the cleaning process for your entire hunt’s harvest. No pun intended.

Make sure the knife you use is extra sharp to make this quick and easy dove cleaning method even more efficient.

Then fire up the grill, prep the dove breasts for cooking, and enjoy!

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The Easiest and Fastest Dove Cleaning Method Ever