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The Best Pre-Hunting Warmup Routine You Need to Start Now [PICS]

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Getting ready for the hunt is half the battle. 

Hunting season is just around the corner. We’re probably all getting ready for it mentally, but are we there yet physically?

By no means do you have to be in the best shape of your life to go sit in a stand all day, but getting yourself a little more ready than packing a backpack makes a lot of sense also. This is where your pre-hunting plan can really help out.

The first step in preparing for the upcoming season is simply to get out and start walking. For some hunters, the walks to and from their stands is some of the most exercise they will get all year. Arriving at your stand covered in sweat, and out of breath, is no way to start off a great new deer season.

Growing Deer TV

To begin, just go for a walk around the block. If that is already easy, go for more. Still easy? Jog a mile. Do whatever your current lung strength allows you to do, but do just a little more. Hopefully by the time the season is rolling around, walking/jogging a mile is a fairly easy task.

You will be happy you did this when you oversleep and only have a few minutes to make it your stand before first light.

Just getting out there simply walking will also help you if you have to track a deer due to a bad shot. The number one reason people stop tracking a deer is because they are out of shape. Walking a mile a day up to the point of the start of deer season, will only add to your ability to follow through.

Not only will this help you with deer season, but it will be a routine that will improve your overall quality of life as well.

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The Best Pre-Hunting Warmup Routine You Need to Start Now [PICS]