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Here Are the Best Pond Baits for Under $50

For just $50, you can buy all the essential baits to consistently catch lunker bass in ponds anywhere you go!

$50 can go along way. Fishing is a blast and many people spend the summer days hitting up farm ponds and water holes searching for a good time. Many people think to catch fish you have to buy the biggest, baddest, and most expensive equipment out there.

That is not the case! With just a $50 bill, you can leave your local outdoor store with the key essentials lures and baits to catch bass over and over. Watch as the guys from LunkersTV take you into a store and show you the exact lures you need. He then runs through of a few details on each bait.

Gary Yamamoto, Strike King(KVD), Zoom, and Boo-yah all make awesome pond baits as you see.

Hopefully you have a spare $50 laying around and you have some free time to fish. Watch the video, grab the cash, hit your local store, and get out and catch some monster bass.

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Here Are the Best Pond Baits for Under $50