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Best Places To Hunt In Oregon

Arguably the premiere elk hunting state in the country, Oregon is a destination location for a lot of hunters looking to score a different kind of trophy for their hunting journal.

If you are hunting in the state for the first time, however, it is easy to get confused. It's a big slab of land, with fewer major cities than other big-time hunting states, and plenty of forest land to satisfy decades of wandering for a local.

In order to simplify the process, we've compiled a few of the best places to hunt in Oregon.

Umpqua National Forest

Just a stone's throw away from the nationally renowned Siuslaw territory, Umpqua National Forest is a massive area - the forest covers almost a million acres - filled will all manner of animals to be hunt, from big game like elk and deer (and black bears or cougars if you have the proper licenses), as well as smaller game. The national forest also plays host to Crater Lake National Park, a worthwhile stop if you need some relaxation.


Photo via Gadling

Siuslaw National Forest

Named by Field and Stream as the best public elk hunting land in the country, Siuslaw National Forest is 600,000 acres of woodlands absolutely crawling with Rocky Mountain elk. Of course, getting the elk might not always be easy: Siuslaw is located right on the coast and Oregon is a notoriously rainy state. When the rain is falling and the thunder is rolling, elk tend to stay under cover. But if you are willing to wait out the storms and put in some quality time getting to know the area, Siuslaw will reward you with major elk kills.

Oregon---Hunt-siuslawPhoto via Share the Experience

Umatilla National Forest

Another major national park area, this time located on the eastern side of the state, Umatilla National Forest draws some 30,000 hunters a year to its rustic expanses. Offering all of the state's big game hunting mainstays - elk, deer, black bears, bighorn sheep, mountain lions, and more - the Umatilla National Forest may have a bit too much pressure coursing through it to appeal to more solitary hunters, but there is plenty of game to be found for those willing to deal with the relative crowds.

oregon-hunt---umatillaPhoto via City Profile

Central Cascade Mountains

Located just east of Portland and not far from the Washington border, the Central Cascade Mountain range is easily one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places to hunt in all of the United States. Scenic backdrops accompany every big and small game sighting, and frequent snowfall makes sighting deer, elk, and other naturally camouflaged animals easier than in most of the national forest areas.

oregon-hunt---central-cascadePhoto via Wikipedia

Southern Oregon Outfitters

If public land isn't your thing, then there are plenty of private, guided hunting tours to be taken advantage of in the state of Oregon. Southern Oregon Outfitters, located in the town of Glide, is just one of those, offering exciting guided hunts for bears, deer, and bobcats.

oregon-hunt---southern-OR-outfittersPhoto via Southern Oregon Backwoods Outfitters (Google+)

Featured image via Share the Experience

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Best Places To Hunt In Oregon