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5 Best Places to Hunt Elk in North America

Where are the ideal places to hunt elk in North America? Read on.


Hunting elk is a very high intensity activity, so the places to hunt them are naturally epic too.

Elk hunting is known to be strenuous due to the rough terrain they tend to favor. Places with lots of wild nature and dense wood are typical habitats for elk. They especially tend to live deep within areas less accessible to those who are not willing to do some rough hiking.

Here are a few of the best places to hunt elk in North America.


Of course Montana leads the list. Lots of professional guides would take people into the Lee Metcalf Wilderness, located near Yellowstone National Park. For the even more adventurous spirits out there, almost all of the Montana backcountry is promising in terms of finding and hunting elk.

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With more rugged wilderness, expect to see other types of wildlife, specifically grizzly bear. Montana has some amazing and beautiful land, but always be aware of your surroundings and carry bear protection. Plus, it also works well for moose.


The elk population in this state climbs up to around 200,000 according to LiveOutdoors, and up to 50,000 of those elk are allowed to be hunted every year. That’s one fourth of the elk population in Colorado. Talk about some serious elk hunting. Grand Junction would be a good place to start.


Yes, there has been a rise in the wolf population recently in this area of the United States, but trophy bulls are still hunted in this state. Salmon, a town in Idaho, is located directly on the Salmon River, which is why there is such a huge promise of wildlife in the area. This river is great for trout fishing as well as hunting for bears and mountain lions. But because of the high level of animals in and around Salmon, elk are also in abundance. It is a very scenic and peaceful place to be, but always be cautious when you are among wildlife.


Just take a drive on I-25 through Wyoming and look out the window. There are pronghorns roaming through the hills and valleys, and once you turn into the mountains there is also an amazing amount of elk. The terrain is similar to that of Colorado, very high intensity with lots of hiking. Many people like to take ATVs up into the land to hunt. Saratoga, Wyoming is a promising place to hunt elk, as the North Platte River runs through the town. In and around Saratoga is great for fishing and hunting. Ask around, the locals will tell you that elk roam around the prairies just outside the town. Cody, Wyoming also has some great elk hunting opportunities, and has a little better weather for us humans.

South Dakota

South Dakota is fantastic for any type of hunting or fishing. Whether you are looking for mule deer, elk, rainbow trout or prairie chickens, SD is the place to be. Rapid City would be a good starting point, especially when on the search for some elk. They are available almost year-round and can be found in the nearby mountains.

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5 Best Places to Hunt Elk in North America